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Today is the first day of Fall yet it does not feel like fall as temperatures will be in the low 90's.   The calendar says fall but the weather has not decided to follow and cool off.  

Fall is one of my favorite times of year for many reasons.  I love that the temps will begin to cool off and we will have cooler nights to enjoy.  I love the leaves changing into vibrant colors to enjoy.   I love that it is once again hunting season as I love being in the outdoors and enjoying all that God created for us to enjoy.  Those long quiet sits in the stand as you pray, read and think.  Those special times of taking the grand kids with me to enjoy nature and make memories.  Also time to hang out and fellowship at our deep camp with family and friends.

I am so thankful for all the changes in our weather and seasons as each one has something special about it for us to enjoy.  It is just like the seasons of our life, each part is unique and different and has something special to offer.

Enjoy all God has to offer us as fall is upon us.  And also enjoy the seasons of life as they too pass by oh so quickly, especially as I "mature" in this life.  I know that in heaven everyday will be filled with much more than I could ever think or imagine

God is so good!


Just Thinging


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