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Just Thinking

March has arrived as 2018 continues to move very quickly.  With the new year has come many changes with the loss of several of our older members.  Even though you know they have moved on to receive their crown you are still a bit sad because are not still here with us.  The great blessing is that they lived lives for the Lord and that gives comfort and peace.   God is so good to give us this peace.

Easter will be here in less than 4 weeks.  Jesus knew that these were his last on this earth before he had to face humiliation, punishment, and death.  Jesus was always about doing his Father's will so he kept his eye on the goal of pleasing his Father.  Because Jesus overcame death we too are able to overcome as well and be forgiven by his grace so we can spend eternity with him.

So even though death is bettersweet for us on earth, we receive comfort and peace in knowing that those who walk in the light will have eternal life with God.


Just Thinking


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